Project Gallery

Dispatching Programs

Complete Dispatching programs Include our Maps and Ownership  Data to speed up entry of customer information, work orders and creation of dispatch maps for your drivers

Special Project Maps

Custom Wall Maps built based on your choice of area, background shadings and data overlays. Printed to any size or can be used to view on your computer.
 Custom Wall Maps  
Large Size Wall Map showing area from Fairbanks to Kenai. Displays Princess Tours Hotel locations, major roads, mile markers and borough boundaries.

Interactive PDF Maps & Design

Custom Acrobat PDF showing MLS areas Statewide. Interactive links and bookmarks allow user to drill down to an area for more detailed maps.
Aerial Photography Wall Maps With Custom Overlays  
Large Size Wall Map of Anchorage. Shows all roads and street names overlaid on an Aerial Photography Background
Fire Department Map Books  
Sixty Page 11"x17"  Map book designed for The Steese Fire Department in Fairbanks. Complete with Detailed Maps and Index.
Custom Wall map with construction year built color coded by year  
Project for GCI in the Mat-Su Valley. Shows Cable overlay and color coded parcels by construction year of homes and businesses. Used to determine  Growth patterns.
Interactive Google Map with Street Master Map Overlays  
Anchorage Dispatch and Marketing Program Now Includes an interactive web based application. You can search from the map, click on parcels to get information and even measure distance along lot lines, building footprints or distance to the closest intersection or school.